How to connect 4 Dishpro LNBF input to one Dishpro Receiver?????

--------Microyal DP-41 DiSeqC 2.0 Multi Switch is a good solution.--------

DP-41 DiSeqC 2.0 multi switch can be used for 4 input of
Dishpro TWIN and Single LNBF to communicate with one
Dishpro Receiver to pick up the programs.

Description (Unit)

 Frequency (MHz) 47-2300
 Input/Output Impedance() 75
 Insertion Loss (dB) 4 6
 Isolation (dB) 25 30
 Supply Voltage (V) 12 @ 18
 Current Consumption (mA) 30
 Power passing (mA) 300
 DiSEqC signal sensitivity (V) 0.1 1
 Dimensions (mm) 25(H) X 98(W) X 86(D)